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The Porsche Panamera is available in three types of bodywork: Panamera saloon, Panamera Executive (battle extended by 150 millimeters to get loose rear seats with more space) and Panamera Sport Turismo (rancher version with more trunk).


The second generation of the Porsche Panamera has a completely new design, evolved over what we already knew, but making clear the influences of the current generation of the Porsche 911 and Porsche 718 Boxster. The most representative nuances of that family air are found in their headlights and behind, where the new Panamera endorses the brushstrokes that the previous models have released.


Porsche Panamera engine range

The offer of mechanics available in the Porsche Panamera is wide. There are different mechanical petrol, a 3.0 V6 Twin-Turbo with 330 hp, a second 2.9 V6 Twin-Turbo with 440 hp.


  • 421 hp
  • 5
  • 5
  • Gasoline
Price: From 350€

New Range Rover Sport HSE

With more sporty design features and a more athletic and imposing appearance, the Range
Rover Sport is designed to impact. Thanks to its cleaner and more dynamic appearance,
you will perceive a sense of modernity, wherever you look at it, be it the grill, the
redesigned hood air outlets or sport options for Range Rover tires
The range of powerful driving groups offers amazing road performance. The
5.0-liter V8 supercharged gasoline engine offers improved power of 386 kW (525
CV) The combination of an advanced Ingenium gasoline engine and an electric motor allows
that the Range Rover Sport PHEV has excellent performance.


  • Automatic
  • 304 cv
  • 5
  • 5
  • Diesel
Price: From 800€


Maserati Grancabrio S

Every sports brand has its quintessential sports car, and in the case of Maserati this is
the GranTurismo. The Italian brand launched.
It is available in two versions, the & # 39; Coupé & # 39; and the & # 39; Convertible & # 39 ;, named as Maserati
GranCabrio Both versions share all the configuration possibilities and extras
available. Except, of course, the rigid ceiling.
Despite the passing of the years, Maserati has been updating his sports car very subtly,
always keeping intact the elaborate design of Pininfarina. The latest release
a new hexagonal grill, from & # 39; shark nose & # 39; which is inspired by the Alfieri concept.
The air intakes have also been modified and now it is more aerodynamic.


  • Automatic
  • 439cv
  • 4
  • 2
  • Gasoline
Price: 300€


As we say, the great star Maserati Levante.
The first one is the Maserati Levante 2019, which comes with a Blu Nobile painting with three
layers, 21-inch wheels with black brake calipers, plus all the options and
series attachments that you can find above.
With a sportier touch, the Maserati Levante Trophy has a body color
Rosso Magma, with a special three-layer treatment and forged alloy wheels of 22
inches, with red brake calipers that, like the seams inside, match
with the body and stand out on the black upholstery.
As for its mechanics, this finish can be chosen on the 3.8-liter V8 engine that
delivers a total of 590 hp up to 6,250 rpm. To improve dynamism and personality
sporty, the new Corsican mode is now available and complementary to those already known Normal,
I.C.E., Sport and Off Road.

The Maserati Levante GTS, a finish with V8 Twin Turbo engine of 3.8 liters and 550 hp that
Redesign the aesthetics of the body to offer a more sporty and aggressive image.


  • Automatic
  • 550cv
  • 4
  • 2
  • Diesel
  • 2020
Price: From 1300€

Lamborghini Urus

The first Super SUV ”as Domenicalli has named it will be the first SUV of the brand of
bull. And it is not for less, with a 4.0l biturbo V8 engine that, with its 650 hp, allows
put a 2200 kg car from 0 to 100 in 3.6 ”. Some of its features are the
suspension of three air chambers, carboceramic brakes or gearbox
8 speed automatic.
An adaptive driving system called ANIMA allows recalibration of
engine, traction and suspension settings. The well-known Strada, Sport and Corsa modes are
add Terra, Neve, Sabbia and Ego. The latter allows 100% customization of the
adjustments to suit the needs of the driver.
The exterior design is of a recognizable Lamborghini with marked and aggressive angles both in
the bumper as in the passage of wheels which also adds the fall of the roof style
coupe Aeronautical inspiration can be seen even inside. From the dashboard to
The arrangement of the 2 + 2 seats distinguishes comfort with a sporty touch. It’s the SUV
worthy of the brand.


  • Automatic
  • 650 cv
  • 5
  • 5
  • Gasoline
Price: From 700€

Ferrary california

The Ferrari design center, in collaboration with Pininfarina, has developed a design
elegant and balanced, with convex and concave surfaces, which provide the Ferrari
California T the sophisticated charm of an authentic Ferrari & # 39; Grand Tourer & # 39 ;. Modern design
Ferrari California T gives a strong personality, in which sportsmanship and elegance is
They blend perfectly, while maintaining classic proportions.
These proportions are found in the classic Ferrari mold, with the engine arranged in front and
body strokes that are molded with care towards a compact rear and
Muscled The strokes also provide an elegant aerodynamics, with sober details that
They highlight the sinuous of their forms.


  • Automatic
  • 470 cv
  • 2
  • 2
  • Gasoline
Price: From €1300

Ferrari 488 Spider

The Ferrari 488 GTB opens a new chapter in the history of the eight-cylinder brand
& # 39; Cavallino Rampante & # 39 ;. This new berlinetta perfectly combines the Ferrari experience.
In this way, the new Ferrari 488 GTB fully exploits the & # 39; know-how & # 39; acquired by
Ferrari mechanics in the last decade through the XX program, which offers unique cars
track ends only to a limited group of testers. The 488 GTB is powered by the
new V8 engine of 3902 cubic centimeters that delivers 670CV at 8,000 turns and offers
a maximum torque of 760 Nm. Accelerates from 0 to 200 km / h in 8.3 seconds and is able to perform a
Fast return to the layout of Fiorano in one minute and twenty-three seconds. His sound has also
been optimized by Ferrari engineers. Designed in the & # 39; Ferrari Styling Center & # 39 ;, the Ferrari
488 GTB stands out for its sculptural flanks. Its air intake is a nod to the original 308 GTB.
The wide front spoiler includes a double profile to improve the thermal efficiency of the
radiators located on both sides. For its part, the circular LED lights have also been
redesigned Inside, the driving position is designed around the driver. The
Infotainment screen graphics and interface have also been completely
redesigned, while the design of the new Ferrari 488 GTB key is inspired by the
Car cylinder block and allows keyless start.


  • Automatic
  • 670 cv
  • 2
  • 2
  • Gasolina
Price: From € 80


Reaching the world as the most efficient Land Rover in history is, by itself, one of the titles that
the Range Rover Evoque can boast. The successful SUV of the British company reached the
market for the first time in 2012 and since then, it has managed to position itself as the best
selling model of the brand in our country.
Since its introduction, the Evoque has undergone several updates with which the brand has
renewed from its design to its offer of engines. In fact, the brand's new SUV assembles the
innovative 'Ingenium' diesel engine made of aluminum. Baptized as TD4, it weighs between 20
and 30 kilos less than its predecessor, at the same time that, thanks to the rigid block of
uncoupled cylinders and injectors, it reduces vibration and noise.
The aluminum engine of Land Rover is available in the Range Rover Evoque with two power
levels: 150 and 180 hp. To these two engines, the Land Rover premium SUV adds a third: a
240CV Si4 gasoline, capable of catapulting the model from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds.


  • 240 hp
  • 4
  • 2
  • fuel

The Continental GT Speed ​​Convertible Black Edition offers a range of schemes
of striking colors that embody the spectacular performance of the Continental GT Speed.
It has four dynamic color combinations that give this superb Speed
Convertible a greater presence on the asphalt: Hallmark, Beluga, St. James ’Red and Cyber
By reducing the ride height, the Black Edition conveys a feeling of greater
speed, which is reflected in its exterior appearance.

Instead of wearing a chrome plating, the metal elements, which include the bezels of the headlamps and the grille, the sides of the lower body and the door handles have an impressive
Evocative black finish and matching 5-spoke 21-way sport steering wheels
inches Its red or black contrasting calipers and the door mirrors to
Optional games further enhance the power that awaits inside.
However, the Black Edition does not remain in a simple appearance of greater speed, since
which incorporates the same improvements in power and torque of the GT Speed ​​Convertible, so the
Black Edition model is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.3 seconds.
Its exciting appearance completely covers the cabin, making it a sumptuous
space where intense emotions and elegance merge. His sports steering wheel
incorporates a contrast stitching and a hand-upholstered, to match the seats of
Mulliner design and console and carbon fiber dashboard with a satin finish.
When you get on and feel the GT Speed ​​Convertible black Edition, you can enjoy the essence and the
own spontaneity of driving a Continental.


  • Automatic
  • 641 cv
  • 4
  • 3
  • Diesel
Price: From 1300€


For all those demanding customers looking for a more version
radical, Lamborghini also offers the Performant Hurricane. This variant reaches 640 hp
of power at 8,000 rpm and 600 Nm of maximum torque at 6,500 rpm.
The exhaust system of the version & # 39; Performante & # 39;, with a scandal sound, has been
Completely redesigned to lighten the total weight of the set to 1,382 kg. Part
of this set-up also has is related to employment in various elements of the
interior of a very lightweight composite material known & # 39; Forged Composite & # 39;
Under the hood, Hurricane LP640-4 contains a 5.2-liter V10 propeller that develops a
610 hp power at 8,250 revolutions per minute and four-wheel drive. The engine is
shows how evolution of the one that mounted his predecessor, lamborgnini hurricane. The update
by the Italian engineers of the block allows it to unleash 560 Nm of torque at 6,500


  • Automatic
  • 610cv
  • 2
  • 2
  • Gasoline